iPhone 6s Screen Battery Speaker Repair At iPro Ampang

Miss Ruzana came to our shop with her iPhone 6s that has few problems. She just stated that her phone has some problems and asked for our technician to inspect her iPhone. Our technician inspected the iPhone carefully. After inspecting her iPhone, it was found out that her screen,battery and ear speaker need to replaced. She said that the problem for her was just the screen because sometimes it does not detect any touches. The ear speaker was damaged because the sound was not so loud. The battery health was really bad but she said she did not notice it because she is always using a powerbank.

After replacing the battery, screen and in-ear speaker, she was very happy with her iPhone. She was actually considering to buy a new phone because her iPhone had so many problems. But after repairing her iPhone for such an affordable price, she changed her mind. We hope to serve you again and possibly better in the future. Thank you Ms Ruzana for trusting us.

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