Greetings to all my fellow readers! For today’s repairing post I would like to share with you about one of the problems that was faced by one of our customers before he came to IPRO Ampang and get it fixed. The problem is related to the GPS of his iPhone 6 not functioning.


Before I continue with the story of what happened to our customer named Aiman, I would like to share with you some of the knowledge or an idea of the relationship between WIFI and GPS on an iPhone. So basically, the WIFI antenna functions to allow the connection to the WIFI whereas the GPS antenna is for the connection to the GPS.


But little did you know that these two parts of an iPhone need each other for the phone to work perfectly. For example, if you have a faulty WIFI antenna, obviously you will not be able to connect the WIFI, or the WIFI connection will be poor. Not only that but it will also affect your GPS connection!


Same goes to if you are having a faulty GPS antenna, you will have trouble connecting to the GPS while using navigation apps like Waze or Google Maps for example, but it will more or less have impact to the WIFI connection as well. Both of these parts of an iPhone complete each other for to strengthen neither WIFI nor GPS. The following paragraph will explain the problem that is faced by our customer, Aiman.




Mr. Aiman Hakim came to IPRO Ampang to get his phone problem related to the GPS connection fixed at IPRO Ampang.


Mr. Aiman came to IPRO Ampang and sees one of our technicians named Mahzuz. He handed over his phone and began telling the problem he faced while he was using the Waze app. He explained how frustrating and how hard it is for him to get to a place that he has never been to, and rely on the navigation app.


Mr. Aiman told that the Waze app did not show him the route to get to his destinations and even not showing the exact location where he was while using the app. Not only Waze app that was not being able to properly show him the route but also Google Maps and Maps apps on his iPhone!




He added that he has tried to restart his phone, hoping that it would help by any chance, but nothing happened. Aware of the explanation and the problem that was faced by Mr. Aiman, Mahzuz plugged in the charger to a device that checks the reading of the charging flowing into the device.


An abnormal reading of the charging could mean that there is something wrong going on inside the motherboard. After the charging reading showed it was normal, Mahzuz then switched off the phone before he began to disassemble it. It is important to disconnect the battery connector first before anything else to avoid short circuit from happening inside the phone.


Mahzuz then disassembled every other parts that were attached to the motherboard to get to the WIFI and GPS antenna. As the diagnose process went on, Mahzuz took a new WIFI antenna to be tested to see if it solves the current problem. After partially installed the phone, Mahzuz turned the phone on to test the GPS connection to see if the navigation app shows the correct position and be able to show the routes to go to a place somewhere, and he found out that the GPS is giving an accurate information of the navigation.


Mahzuz then told Mr. Aiman right away that the problem is caused by a faulty WIFI antenna and a replacement is required to fix the problem. After the discussion was made by both individuals, Mr. Aiman agreed to replace the WIFI antenna that would take 20 to 30 minutes. Mahzuz then permanently installed and assembled every part of the phone accordingly and securing them tight with screws and plates.


After the replacement was done, Mahzuz did another testing procedure to make sure that everything is working in order, mainly WIFI and GPS connection, before he handed the phone back to Mr. Aiman. He was also given a three-month warrantly just in case if the problem of his WIFI or GPS persists within the given warranty period. Happily, Mr. Aiman thanked Mahzuz for his kind service and to share some information of how some of the parts of the iPhone work, before making his way to the cashier for payment.


Thank you for choosing us as your mobile phone repairing service centre, Mr. Aiman!


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