Wireless Earphone is a game changer for music industry as it offers more freedom and capability for the user. For this list, we choose earbuds that gives great sound quality, battery life and also the comfort of using it whether you use it to watch movies or listen to music while jogging. Here are our 5 best list.

1. Apple Airpods Pro

Apple Wireless Airpods Pro is the best wireless earbuds for Apple user. It gives a great noise cancelling feature for the user. Apart from that, the battery life for this Airpods is very useful which gives 4.5 hours of battery life and 24 hours of battery life in charging case.Next, this wireless earbud  has a range of 100 – 200 meters. It is also easy to use if you have the latest iPhone model

2. Sony WF-1000XM3

This high-end noise cancelling wireless earbuds that produced by Sony is the best noise cancelling earbuds on the market. It has a battery life of approxiamately 6 hours and a bluetooth range of 10 meters. Great bass quality along with tonal balance makes this wireless earbuds to beat all the competitors in the market and users also can make their own sound profile with built in equaliser. They also can change with up to nine different presets and sound level according to their comfort.

3. Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung once again never forget into getting the competitions of Wireless Earbuds. Samsung has produced the first wireless earbuds that has wireless charging implement to it. With its enormous and comfortable design, it ensures the user to give a good fit in their ears.It also has a great battery life at 6 hours of using and 15 hours with charging case. The most important thing is that it gives user the capability of great audio.

4. Jaybird Vista

Jaybird is one of the top company that produce wireless bluetooth headsets. In 2019, Jaybird released their brand new product which is Jaybird Vista. Jaybird Vista is lightweight and comfortable to use especially for sports. The quality of the sound is very good.It comes with a waterproof feature that could help with sweat resistance. This wireless earbuds could last up to 6 hours and 10 hours from the charging case.

5. Beats Powerbeats Pro by Dre

Powerbeats Pro is one of the top tier for fitness purpose. It comes with a great quality of sound and also intense sound. The battery life of this wireless earbuds is up to 9 hours of listening and 24 hours with the charging case. This wireless earbuds is very good for sports due to its stable fit. When you doing intense workout,this is the high recommended wireless earbuds to use.


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