A very good afternoon to my fellow readers! For today’s topic I would like to discuss about one of Apple’s product which is the Apple Watch. We are going to go through all the generations that these Apple Watch evolve from one to another. There are five generations of Apple Watch that has been released by Apple which are the Original Apple Watch (or we may call it as the Apple Watch Series 0), the Apple Watch Series 1,the Apple Watch Series 2, the Apple Watch Series 3 and the Apple Watch Series 4. Each of these models have different specifications in the term of case materials, colours and sizes. The wristband is customizable, comes with many choices and it is replaceable to suit your own style.





The original Apple Watch is released on April 2015, but you will not be able to find this model as Apple has stopped letting it out on the market nowadays so that means you can only get this original Apple Watch from third-parties. The original Apple Watch is restricted to specific features only as it is not installed with the latest operating system which is the watchOS 5 software. Apple Watch Series 1 is later be introduced a year after the original Apple Watch which believes to provide faster performance as it runs with a much more advanced dual-core chipset.





A few innovations with a new technology is implemented to the Apple Watch Series 2 which is released not long after the Apple Watch Series 1, such as the built-in GPS, water-resistance and a slightly increased size of the battery for a longer usage. In 2017, Apple announced Apple Watch Series 3 that comes with an LTE connection which is optional, enhanced GPS and the ability to keep track of your health and fitness. The latest generation of the Apple Watch Series 4 comes with an additional heart rate features to help you detect your heart rhythm.


To summarize these comparisons, the original Apple Watch is the cheapest amongst all of the other models but it is quite strenuous to find one so as Apple Watch 1 and 2. Apple Watch Series 1 has an improved speed performance than the original Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Series 2 has more features included than of what in Apple Watch Series 1. The Apple Watch Series 3 and 4 are the only models that are available on the store if you have in ind of purchasing one.





Next, I would like to break down some of the features that separate these watches such as the design, display, performance, etc. These Apple Watch come with a quite similar in terms of design, a square finish that fits well-nigh perfectly on your wrist. Apple Watch Series 4 is the first to release a different availability in size, which measures 40 mm or 44 mm for a larger display screen, while the rest maintain the size of 38 mm and 42 mm. For your information, there is a presence of Haptic feedback on the digital crown of the Apple Watch Series 4. With this haptic feedback, you can actually feel the vibrations as you go scroll through your the menu on your Apple Watch.

Moving on, the display of the Apple Watch is an OLED Retina display with Force Touch at 450 nits and for the latest models have 1000 nits. Force Touch is actually the sense of pressure of your Apple Watch, that practically means that your Apple Watch can sense it if you are doing a light tap or a deep press. Nits is the brightness of the display, luminance and the intensity of the light for a display. So the Apple Watch Series 4 has a greater display and much bigger screen as well!


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