Hello everyone! For today’s repairing post I would like to share with you one of our customers that came with a cracked screen and did an LCD replacement of his Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1.


Mr. Hazim had a cracked screen on his Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 and did an LCD replacement at IPRO Ampang.




Mr. Hazim came to IPRO Ampang and was warmly greeted by one of the technicians on duty named Merza. He sat right in front of him and handed his phone to Merza for inspection. He then began telling how he got his phone cracked. It happened a few days ago while he was riding his motorcycle, not noticing a bump right in front of him and lost control over his motorcycle and fell.




His phone which was at that time in the motorcycle’s basket fell out and smashed on the road from quite a fall. Merza gave his phone a quick look and began to diagnose the phone by checking the charging reading to make sure it was normal to ensure that there is no other problem other than the cracked screen.


Merza told Mr. Hazim that the LCD replacement might take an hour to two. It is pretty time consuming as the assembly process of the LCD requires you to glue the ring of the LCD to the back shell of the phone securing it and holds its place. First things first Merza removed two screws located at the bottom of the phone, as well as the Simtray which is at the left side of the phone.


With the right tools used, Merza prick the back shell of the phone until it popped out from the remaining of the phone. Merza watched out for the flex cable that was a part of the back shell, handling it with care to avoid himself from tearing the flex cable which controls the fingerprint unlocking feature.


Merza then removed the screws and plastic plates that was securing the connection ribbons of the parts and disconnected all associated flex cables for the LCD replacement to be done. By attaching the LCD connector ribbon to the motherboard, Merza tested the new LCD for its touch sensitivity and also the screen display before he permanently installed the LCD.


After the testing was done, he then removed the battery before proceeding on removing the LCD. In order to remove the LCD, a proper heating is required so Merza used a blower with appropriate heat to prick the glued-LCD from the remaining of the phone.


The process of removing the LCD of an Android is different than iPhones; for Android you would not have to transfer the parts of the LCD to the new one like on iPhones. But the procedure to disassemble Android phones is a lot of work. An hour and a half went by and the replacement was done.


Before giving back to Mr. Hazim, Merza did a couple of tap and touches of the LCD and tested the fingerprint feature to make sure everything was working like it was before. Mr. Hazim was given a month warranty just in case if he faced any problems related to the newly installed LCD. He was satisfied with the new LCD and thanked Merza for the repairing service before making his way to the cashier for payment and exited.


Thank you for your time and cooperation Mr. Hazim and we hope we had made your day better!


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