Battery Yoobao replacement / change for iPhone 6 at Ampang

Good days to you guys. Today on 24th of August Mr Che Yacob came to our shop with the most common problem for the iPhone users out there. The battery health of his iPhone has reached 67%.

How to check your battery maximum capacity

You guys can easily check your iPhone battery health by going to Settings >Battery > Battery Health . The battery health can be viewed at maximum capacity tab. Normally for an average user it should be around 90% – 100%. Your battery is still usable even if it is at 10% but your battery will drain like super fast. Mr Yacob came for an battery replacement at our shop. But we suggested something better to him. We suggested him to replace the old battery with an Yoobao battery. Yoobao battery is an upgraded version. The capacity is upgraded and the battery maximum capacity of 2200 mAh. This battery also provide a longer capacity which means your battery maximum capacity will last longer.

Our technician made the normal checks to ensure there is nothing else making the battery to be problematic. We checked the input current of the iPhone . Mr Yacob iPhone didn’t have any other problems so we proceeded with the battery replacement. The battery replacement took approximately 15 minutes.

Mr Yacob after  replacing his new battery

Mr Yacob was very happy with his new battery and gave us thumbs up for his new battery and for a fast service. Currently at the shop we are hosting a lucky draw for all of our customer to stand a chance to win an Apple Watch series 2 and among other prizes worth RM 500 ! The lucky draw will be hosted on our Facebook page to avoid any misconception that we are just hosting a dummy lucky draw.


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