Fast Apple Watch Screen Repair In KL

The front glass in your Apple Watch are made of ion glass but it is not indestructible. Whether it is due to clumsiness or anything else , cracks and scratches happen. When they do, it is time to replace the screen. If you are one of the unfortunate soul with a broken Apple Watch, you can simply replace the screen by coming to us.

How we replace the screen ?

  • Turn off the Apple Watch
  • Remove the band
  • Put some heat onto the Apple Watch
  • Use a curved blade to pop out the screen gently
  • Pop out the screen anti clockwise using the curved blade
  • Use a pluck to completely pop out the screen
  • Unplug the battery connector (to make sure the Apple Watch is completed turned of while replacing the screen)
  • Unplug the screen connector and remove the screen
  • Replace the screen with a new screen

That’s all needed to be done to replace an Apple Watch screen. It takes precision to pop out the screen to make sure we do not damage any cable inside. The screen is different for every model and we need to order the screen before replacing the screen.

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