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Today I will share with you a little bit about the problems faced by one of our customers who is an iPhone 7 Plus Red Edition user.



Mr Aziz came to IPRO Ampang, complained about his battery indicator was not showing the proper reading as it started from 3% and rose to 27%. The reading didn’t stop there as it dropped and rebounded from 27% to 10%.

This had made him very annoyed and confused to be dealing with such problem as he was not able to know the right reading for him to charge or if his battery was really running low. So what our technician did was to check the battery reading using a device called digital schematic to see if the reading is normal or otherwise.

It turned out that the current flowing into his device was abnormal where it showed from 0.23 A increased to 0.88 A and decreased to 0.11 A gradually.

Next, our technician disconnected and remove the old battery from the phone and noticed that the battery was actually not in a good condition where it was greasy and very easy to thaw. Our technician ran a test using a new battery and the reading turned out to be normal again.

Our technician told him that he was given two options whether he wanted to make the replacement with an original battery or a battery that has an upgraded capacity, which is the Yoobao battery. The benefits of this Yoobao battery are durable, anti-bloated, capable of increasing capacity and given an 18-month warranty.

He was interested of the advantages of using Yoobao battery and decided to installed the Yoobao battery instead of the Original battery for a longer usage.

With such outstanding repair service from our experienced technician, the problem was completed in just 15 minutes. He was very satisfied of our service and he said he would recommend to his friends and colleagues. Thank you Mr Aziz!


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