iPhone Fast Battery Replacement in Kuala Lumpur

Mr Fadli came to our shop with his iPhone 7 Plus that has a battery draining issue. It is a very common issue for an iPhone that has been used more than a year. He insisted to replace his battery with a new battery. We proceeded as per his request but we introduced him to the YooBao battery before replacing his battery. YooBao battery is a new battery in the market and it comes with stunning features. The battery has an upgraded capacity but still have the same physical size as the original battery. This allows the battery to be placed in your iPhone without any issues. The advantage is the battery will surely last longer because of a bigger battery capacity. But on the down side the battery needs more time to fully charge. Everything has it’s own pros and cons but luckily the pros out weight the cons for YooBao battery. He was intrigued with YooBao battery and decided to replace his battery with a YooBao battery. We completed the battery replacement within 15 minutes and everything went smoothly as planned.He was really happy with our fast service and he was glad that he chooses to use the YooBao battery. We at iPro Ampang will continue to provide a good service and a better service in the future. Thank you for trusting your smart device with us.

ipro repair iphone pantas ampang

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