So, I would like to tell you about one of our customers that came to IPRO Ampang for our repair service.





Ms Amy came to IPRO Ampang with an iPhone 6S Plus. She was served by one of our technicians named Arif. She sat and faced Arif as she began to share her phone problems. Arif was told that her iPhone battery ran dry as quick as a wink. Arif then asked her if she had changed her iPhone battery before. She was not even sure herself as she said she bought it secondhand, but she never did any replacement since she used it.


Arif recommended the Yoobao battery for her iPhone 6S Plus for a much longer usage or just stick to the Original battery with an original battery capacity of 2750 mAh. After exchanging thoughts and words from both of them, she then decided to go with the Original with normal capacity. The replacement only took about 15 minutes. During the replacement took place she asked about how to sustain the battery life and what should be avoided to maintain the performance of the battery.


Arif told her that it was best to charge her iPhone when a notification came up showing its 20% or 10% left to use and try not to let her phone died. She was also told to use Original products for the adapter charger and the charging cable as well. Furthermore, she was told that it is not recommended to do use Powerbank with a 2.1 output which is specifically for fast-charging, this is because iPhone didn’t really support fast-charging except for iPhone X and latter models.


After Arif did the battery replacement, she was satisfied with it as she was also given a 6-month warranty, just in case if she faced any problem regarding to battery. She was also told that the warranty will be voided if it was swollen, as a swollen battery usually caused by either faulty battery or the worst is because of the motherboard. After handed Ms Amy’s iPhone, she then looked through the phone accessories displayed on the rack on the walls, she picked one of the Lightning cable for her iPhone.


She chose the McDodo cable that is an auto-disconnect cable that will discharge the current flowing in when it is fully charged. After Arif tested the cable to test its functionality, he then handed it back to Ms Amy before she proceeded to the counter for payment. We are happy to have you at IPRO Ampang to get our service! Thank you for choosing us, Ms Amy!


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