Greetings to all my fellow readers! For today I would like to write an article about the innovation of smartwatch that is still on the process of realising it. There are numerous of things that need to be done take technology to a whole new level. We have seen smartphones are following the trending of growth in technology world such as the new concept in terms of design, computerised software, user-friendly interfaces that are introduced for us to live a convenient life.


So let’s jump into the head of this article which is a discussion of further development of the smartphone. First of all, smartwatches have been a part of our lives, a gadget that is way more than just to display time and date of any day. Smartwatches have helped us to ease our tasks without us needing to look through our phone screens to do certain things. Opening text messages from your friends, scrolling through news feeds on your social media have never been easier and less time-consuming than it is nowadays.


A health and fitness tracker feature is beneficial for all of the smartwatch users to keep track of their heart rate to maintain a good healthy body. Recently there is a news about a few people that are “saved” by their smartwatch (Apple Watch) that measures and notifies the person that their heartbeat is abnormal. The story is cut short till they all go to their doctor to do a checkup and surprisingly they are having a complication of their health.


They are thankful that their Apple Watch literally saves their lives as without it their condition would have dragged and get into more serious health problems. Now let’s start with the upcoming feature that is still be working on to which is where the smartwatch can detect what you are doing at a particular time. This can be done by working on the operating system with the presence of accelerometer installed inside of it.


Researchers have claimed to make the smartwatch appear to sense hand movement or motion such as typing a keyboard, petting a pet and if you are cutting something using a scissors. This is a unique improvement that the researchers are going for as this is beyond of people’s point of view. It is appreciable that our smartwatch can detect our daily activities only based on only our hands and movement.


By having the hand sense feature it will definitely enhance the health-related apps such as its ability to detect the motion when you are smoking a cigarette or brushing your teeth. Besides, hand sense can protect one’s safety the same way your smartphone does, such as the “do not disturb” mode that blocks all notifications or alerts coming into your smartphone. So this is applicable for the smartwatch to detect a motion that you do not want to be disturbed.


The researchers also claimed that this hand sense can also provide feedback to those who are learning a new skill such as musical instruments, no further explanation about this. Last but not least, it is best to wear the smartwatch on your dominant hand as this will help the smartwatch to learn about the motion of your hands in certain ways.

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