Best wishes to my fellow readers. For today’s repairing post I would like to talk about a phone problem related to the LCD. There are numerous of problems that define a faulty LCD which are dead pixels, cracked screen, LCD shows no display, and the one that I am going to write about which is “ghost touch”.




Do you really know what is “ghost touch” is about? Just by looking at its name and it is pretty spooky as it sounds, “ghost touch” is when your screen suddenly starts clicking uncontrollably all over the screen. Well at certain time you can click to your desire but I can guarantee you that you can never finish typing a single sentence, not exagerating but you would not be able to successfully type a single word correctly. Frustrating, right?


Mr. Saufi who had experienced a problem known as “Ghost Touch” and did an LCD replacement at IPRO Ampang.




So this is what one of our customers, named Saufi, had been experiencing before he came to IPRO Ampang and get his phone fixed. He came on one evening and he was greeted by our technician named Merza. Mr. Saufi sat in front of Merza’s desk and handed his phone for inspection and to know what was the actual cause of it and some recommendations too. He started by telling how the problem happened which was after he accidentally dropped his iPhone.


From there, he realised that the phone began to act manicly and different. Mr. Saufi told that there was this one time where his screen was frozen, being unresponsive and he could not do anything about it until he put his phone to sleep and turn back on. Things only got worse after that where the screen manicly clicked every part of the screen like a madman.


He added that there was this one time where he got so devastated because his phone dialled by itself on one of his contacts and got so embarassed explaining himself about it. Upon hearing his problems, Merza started by diagnosing the phone by checking the charging reading to make sure it was at normal reading (motherboard related issue might cause irregular reading).




Merza switched off the phone before he began to disassemble the phone by separating the LCD from the back shell of iPhone 5 of Mr. Saufi’s. Merza later took a new LCD and connected it to test if the problem still happens. Merza ran the testing procedure for about 10 minutes and it is confirmed that this was just an LCD problem and required a replacement. Mr. Saufi had agreed to replace the LCD which about 30 minutes of process.


Before transferring parts such as the ear speaker, front camera, sensor and home button from the old LCD to the new part, Merza tested the LCD for its touch sensitivity and also the ensuring the screen display is in good condition. During the replacement process, Merza explained about the two possible causes of the problem, which is either the LCD itself or it could also be a motherboard problem which is the Touch IC.


Touch IC is a singular chip that controls the touch functionality of a phone. After the whole replacement was done, Merza tested the functionality of the phone parts (ear speaker, front camera, etc…) to make sure everything works like previously. Merza also installed a tempered glass on Mr. Saufi’s iPhone 5 to protect the screen from any accidental scratches. Satisfied with the LCD performance and the problem been solved, Mr. Saufi thanked Merza for the service before he made his way to the cashier for payment.


Thank you for choosing us as your mobile phone repairing service centre, Mr. Saufi!


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