Ghost touch or known as buggy screen happens when the phone is dropped really hard or have shorting inside. The cause of this problem varies on different reasons. There are 2 solutions for this problem. Either the motherboard has issue or the screen has problems. If the problem is because the screen, then it is an easy fix. Repairing a motherboard takes 2-3 days and needs a lot of time the inspect the motherboard. Most of the customers does not like leaving their phone to us because they need to use their phone.

We at iPro Ampang want to fix the customers as fast as possible to let the customer use their phone like normal after coming to our shop. Fixing a screen can be done within 20 minutes. After replacing the screen our technician will inspect the screen thoroughly before handing the phone back to customer.

Mr Azira posing after fixing his iPhone

Mr Azira came to our shop with his phone screen’s twitching. He was worried that his phone making accidental calls to his friends. He came to us after contacting us through facebook and talking to our technician through phone. We inspected his iPhone first and changed the screen within 20 minutes. He was very happy with our quick service and his phone back to normal. Later, he joined our annual lucky draw with a grand prize of Apple Watch Series 2 and other prizes worth up to RM 500. Thank you mr Nur Azira Md Rawi for trusting us with your iPhone.

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