Honor 8 Battery Fast Drain Repair in Ipro Ampang

Phone drain issues is one of the common issues we always repair. On daily basis, it is normal to charge a phone once a day. Charging a phone more than once a day can reduce the battery capacity tremendously. Usually people that use their phone constantly to check whatsapp or etc will charge their phone occasionally. A phone that is always charging will have worst battery capacity and the battery capacity can be felt tremendously.

Tips on how to manage a day through with a phone that drains

Our technician always give tips to take care of the phone before and after repairing a phone. Not all customers came to our shop and proceed with the repairing, but we still give the tips to take care of the battery. A phone that has a bad battery capacity cannot be recovered without changing the battery. The only option left is to turn off unnecessary utilities in the phone like wifi, gps and data when it is not used. The phone battery capacity can only be maintained and it cannot be better unless the customer change the battery.

Miss Ika joining our lucky draw after repairing her phone’s battery

Miss Ika came to our shop with her phone having a battery that drain quickyly. Our technician inspected the phone first. After inspecting the phone, our customer proceeded with replacing the battery. The battery replacement only took 30 minutes but overall it took 2 hours. We did not have the battery part of her model in stock, so we had to order the battery first. Once the battery arrives, our technician changed the battery on the spot and contacted Miss Ika to come and collect the phone. Miss Ika was happy with her new phone’s battery. She joined in our annual lucky draw. Our lucky draw has a grand prize of Apple Watch Series 2 and other prizes up to RM 500.

ipro repair iphone pantas ampang

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