Honor 8 Pro Dead Pixel Screen Replacement At iPro Ampang

What is dead pixel ?

A dead pixel is a picture element in which all three RGB (red, green, blue) sub-pixels are permanently turned off, which creates a black spot in the display. Malfunctioning transistors and manufacturing flaws can result in dead pixels.

What causes dead pixel ?

Dead pixels occur when the transistor powering the pixel fails to supply power, causing the associated pixel to remain permanently black, never illuminating. In normal cases, dropping your phone might lead to dead pixel.

Mr Haziq came to our shop with his phone Honor 8 that has certain part of the screen blacked out. Our technician inspected his phone and found out his screen has dead pixels. We recommended to replace the screen and he agreed to it. Aftre completing the replacement, the phone’s screen is back to normal. He was happy with our quick service and was glad that his screen does not have any problems anymore.

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