Honor 8 Screen Cracked Repair at iPro Ampang

Customer came with a cracked Honor 8 screen

Phone screen can easily be cracked by dropping the phone from a table to the floor. It is always suggested to use a casing for the phone and a tempered glass for the screen. This safety precaution can reduce the impact taken by our phone from the drop.

Cracked screen cannot repaired by only changing the glass part. Now days most of smartphone use LED technology for a phone’s screen. LED display panel cannot be separated from the glass.

We at iPro Ampang provide screen replacement service which can be finished within 20-40 minutes depending on the phone’s model.

The screen is replaced by our technician

A customer came to our shop with the screen cracked. We inspected the phone and suggested for the customer to change the screen. The screen replacement took around 30 minutes and the customer was happy with the new screen.

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