Hello readers! Today I will share with you guys (as promised) from my previous post on how you can transfer your data and documents from your iPhone to an Android. The most crucial thing of all is for you to have a Google account because this is the most essential thing to have when setting up an Android. First of all, the simplest way to merge your calendar events from your iPhone to your Android is by simply clicking on your Settings and select Calendar. From there you tap Default Calendar and you click on your Gmail account that is shown on the screen. By doing so you have successfully shared your iPhone calendar events with your Google calendar. There is also another way to transfer your calendar to you Android phone, which is by using a PC. First and foremost you need to go to iCloud.com and sign in your account. Next is you click on the Calendar icon. You can see there are options you can choose which is home, work, etc.





As you can see there is a symbol next to the options, kind of a connection symbol that represents sharing. Tick the checkbox next to Public Calendar and click copy link provided, paste in on your address bar but make sure you do not click Enter right away. You have to change the “webcal” in the URL to “http” and click Enter. As soon as you click Enter you will be directed to download the ICS file (as mentioned on my previous post) which contains all of your important events on your calendar. Do not forget to untick the box on your Public Calendar after you have downloaded your ICS file. Moving on, sign in to your Google Account and you will have to click on the apps icon (the square con made up of nine smaller squares) located at the top right of your page. Click Calendar and choose Settings (the gear icon). Next click on the Calendars tab and tap Import Calendar. You will have to click Choose File or Browse and choose the ICS file you have just downloaded and then click Import. As I stated, the first one is a lot easier than the second one! So there you go, your calendar events are successfully be transferred!




For transferring your photos from your iPhone to Android, you must first download Google Photos that is available on the App Store. Starting by tapping on Google Photos app on your home screen it will direct you to the starting page, where you have to click on the “Getting Started”. The app will ask for your permission to access your photos on your device. You can choose to use your cellular data to do the back up, by allowing and tapping the icon next to the “use cellular data to back up”, but note that this will consume a lot of your data by doing so we suggest you to use WIFI instead. Next, tap Continue. You get to choose to save the photos in High Quality or Original. Saving in High Quality will compress your photos to a 16 megapixels reduce file size, but the good side of it is that you’ll get “unlimited storage” which is 2PB! On the other hand, saving with an Original format will maintain the original file size and you will have 15GB of your Google Drive storage. Right after you choose your file size you can proceed by clicking Continue. You can also choose to “Get Notified” or “No Thanks” if you will pass. Make sure you tap “Leave Off” if you chose “No Thanks” earlier. So that is all about it if you want to sync your entire photos from your iPhone to your Android phone. It might take a while for you to have all your photos synced so make sure you have a strong internet connection, or if you do not mind having an upsurge bills upon using your cellular data!




Next, I would like to share with you how you can transfer your data from an iCloud Drive to your Android phone. Here are a few requirements needed before your transfer. You will need to install iCloud Drive and Google Drive on your PC. After installing those desktop app on your PC, launch them right away. On your iCloud Drive folder, click the uppermost file. RIght after you click the file, hold the Shift key and press the bottom file of the iCloud Drive folder. After choosing all the files you want to transfer, simply drag them over to the Google Drive folder and it is done! There is another way for you to transfer your iCloud Drive folder which is just by using the web, but this is pretty time consuming as you have to download all the files individually and upload every one of the files on your Google Drive. If you have numerous of files to transfer, this could be the last option for you as the first way is a much easier way!


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