Greetings to my fellow readers! Have you ever wondered of changing to a new phone, not just from an iPhone to an iPhone, or Android to an Android. But for sure this is basically not an issue for everyone as the change is made between themselves, but what if you change from an iPhone to an Android, or vice versa? It must be intimidating for everyone as you all know Android and Apple do not share the same Operating System (OS) and you will probably experiencing a new “feel” as you change to Android from an iPhone. Of course in your mind you would think that you have to put in a lot of work to transfer all of your data such as photos, events on your calendar that you have marked, or your contact numbers you saved on your iPhone. Some of the functions of an iPhone and Android phones are similar, it is just that most of the user interfaces that differs Android from an iPhone. For your information, even that companies like Samsung or Huawei, both of them use the same OS, that does not mean the inside or the system is the same, there must be a few features of their own that represent their own product.




To start, these are the differences that you will experience when you are switching to an Android phone. There will be no iMessage as this is prolly the most obvious feature that separates an iPhone from an Android. So this practically means that even that you are connected to a network or WIFI connection, like you have on an iPhone, every time you want to send a text message it will always end up sending iMessage (only if the receiver uses an iPhone too!), you will not find this disturbing (not really) feature on Android, as you will always have to hold on the typed text and resending it in order to send a normal text message on an iPhone. Next is you ought to have to download all your apps installed on your iPhone to your Android phone manually. This means that if you have bought a few apps on your Apple Store, you probably might need to re-buy that particular apps on your Google Store. Some of the apps that is on Apple Store will not be available on Google Store. As you all may know, Apple cloud is known as iCloud, which you can store all of your personal and important documents, photos and contacts.





Same thing goes for Android since it uses Google Drive as it’s cloud. There are some of the documents that you can transfer from iCloud to Google Drive, so you can cut to the chase and save some time of transferring your documents. I will later break down these steps of transferring your contacts on my next post (tune in!). One of the most important things for some people is the events you marked on your calendar, and it requires a lot of work to recall those dates and do it all over again on your Android. Lucky for you these crucial dates are easily to be transferred as these items are stored in a file called ICS. I will further explain the steps for you to transfer your photos from an iPhone to your Android on my next post as well so make sure you tune in! For documents, you might have to install yourself dome apps on your computer, which are Google Drive and iCloud Drive. I will give the detailed procedure on my next post too! To sum up, it requires some of your time to really understand the concept of an Android and iPhone. I might be exaggerating a little bit here, but this is as hard as you are learning to write using a different hand.


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