Huawei Nova 2i Battery Expand Repair

Battery expanding or exploding phenomena is near common thing happening now days. Most phone now days are made of lithium ions and they are capable of holding certain amount of charge. For example, iPhone 6 uses 1810 mAh capacity battery. iPhone and android batteries cannot be removed thus user cannot check the condition of battery. The problem arises because of this problem.

A brief explanation about expanding battery

Overcharging a battery is the common factor for a battery bloat or expand. We normally charge a phone throughout the night. For most of iPhone users they always charge the phone all day using a power bank and use the phone while charging. Batteries normally have a duration 2-3 years to last at the worst and can last as long as 4 years if the charging cycle is proper. A battery can last a few hundred of cycle and it depends on the model of the phone.

Miss Siti joining our lucky draw contest briefly after getting her phone repaired

Miss Siti came to our shop with her bloated phone stating that her phone is pregnant and need to be checked. We checked the phone to make sure that the problem is only the battery and nothing else is causing the battery to expand. After a through checking, we replaced her battery withing 30 minutes and gave her a 1 month warranty for the battery. After replacing the battery, her phone is no longer pregnant and she joins our lucky draw contest. She stands a chance to win Apple Watch Series 2 and other prizes worth up to RM 500.



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