Hello everyone! For today’s repairing post I would like to highlight one of our beloved customers that made his way to IPRO Ampang to receive a repair service.




Cracked Screen Huawei Nova 3i




Mr Aqil Norzavly Sham came to IPRO Ampang with a broken screen of his Huawei Nova 3i. He sat down in front of one of our technicians on duty, Arif, whom politely smiled as he approached him. After rested his head back to the chair and handed Arif his Huawei Nova 3i, Arif inspected the phone and saw the obvious crack on the screen from the top-left, all the way to the middle of the screen.


Mr Aqil then spoke to Arif and explaining how the incident happened. He told Arif that he accidentally dropped his phone yesterday, screen first! Panicked, prepared for the worst, he then picked his iPhone up and peeked the screen little by little. Right after he saw the cracked screen, he quickly checked the functionality of the touch screen, to see if it still worked and luckily it did.


Mr Aqil asked if the LCD part available for his phone is genuine part and we have to disagree as the part was from a third-party. After exchanging words from both of them, a consensus was achieved and he agreed to replace the LCD. The replacement took about 3-4 hours which is quite a while. Arif then asked Mr Aqil if he really wanted to pass time by just sitting and waiting here at IPRO Ampang but he didn’t seem to mind at all.


During the process of the LCD replacement, both of them exchanged opinions about the latest news about the banning of Huawei technology in the US and discontinued partnership between Huawei and Google’s Android. After the replacement was done, Arif explained about what were the procedures of the replacement that took so much time, which were the need to use blower to diassemble the back cover, removing the glue from the frame of the back shell and LCD, and the difference of replacing parts of an Android and iPhones (Android phones are more complicated and time-consuming than iPhones).


Arif did numerous of testing of Mr Aqil’s phone which were the functionality of the fingerprint, the face-unlock feature and the most crucial thing which was the ability to touch. After handed the phone back to Mr Aqil, he then tested the phone himself with the new LCD for a few minutes, that he found out that the colour resolution of the icon of the apps are not as bright and sharp as the Original LCD. But he said it was good enough for him than a broken screen! He then proceeded to the cashier and made payment.


Thank you for choosing us as your mobile service repairing centre, Mr Aqil!


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