Greetings to my fellow readers! For today’s article I would like to share with you about the latest news about Huawei.


The firm is going through a tragically hard time for their future gadgets as they have been kicked out from the SD association. This means that Huawei will no longer have support for its microSD card for their future gadgets and not their existing devices.


For you all might know, the US made regulations that big companies such as Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm and Intel are all putting an end from providing the Chinese firm on technology supports. The situation is getting more tensed and worsen as there are restrictions made to Huawei from having access to WIFI Alliance which controls the WIFI standards, so as ARM who licenses key design aspects of Kirin’s processor of Huawei.



To oppose the situation, Huawei has already come up with a solution which is the existence of Nano-sized memory card. The functionality works the same as a regular microSD card, only that the appearance in size of a Nano SIM. The Nano SD will be applicable for future Huawei gadgets as an additional Nano SIM slot will be put on for use. The sizes of this Nano-sized memory card is reported to be available in 128 GB and 256 GB with read speeds of 9 MB/s.


Aside from the larger size of capacity availability, the price is ought to be three times higher than a normal microSD card. Having this whole issue addresses to Huawei will have a big impact on the firm to have had to sort out new technology by themselves to keep up with the technology trends.

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