Our customer was having a problem with the iPad 6. He came to our shop and told us the screen and the LCD were broken. We told him that the screen and the LCD came with two different parts. For this issue, our technician had to replaced the Screen and also the LCD of the iPad. Our customer told us that he accidentally dropped the iPad from a higher ground because as we checked the functionality of the iPad, we only managed to detected the problem with the screen and LCD only. He was glad that there were no issues with the motherboard inside as the cost to repaired the motherboard was high and not worth the repair with another major issue. Our technician replaced the LCD and the screen which took long time as to replaced the iPad screen and LCD had to beĀ  careful. After the replacement, we gave the iPad back to the customer and he thanked us for the replacement. He also told us that it looked like a brand new.

ipro repair iphone pantas ampang

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