iPad Mini 1 LCD Replacement at iPro Ampang


iPad screens are made in 2 parts. The first part is the digitizer or known as LCD. The second part is the touch panel. The digitizer will project the display and the touch panel will detect any touches. This two work so seemlesly that you cannot notice the dely of your touches. Apple did a great job to make it work in a perfect manner. This also makes it easier to repair and more cost friendly. Each part can be changes separately if it is broken.

A customer came to our shop with his iPad Mini 1 that has blurry screen. Our technician inspected the iPad. The touch work just fine but the display was not. We suggested to replace the digitizer and the customer agreed to it. After replacing the digitizer, the display works just fine. He was so happy that he get to use his iPad like old days. Later, he joined our annual lucky draw. We are giving an Apple Watch Series 2 as the main prize and other prizes worth up to RM 500.

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