iPad Mini 2 LCD Replacement At iPro Ampang

iPad screen are separated into 2 parts which is the touch panel and the LCD display. Touch panel will detect any touch or input from user mean while the LCD will display anything from the iPad.If either one of this are not working, damaged or not functioning, it can replaced separately. Which mean it is more cost friendly. A customer came to our shop with his iPad Mini 2 that has been cracked mostly at teh top. Our technician inspected the iPad and found out that the LCD display panel was working fine except for the touch panel that has been cracked. We replaced the touch panel on the spot because we havethe part ready in house and the replacement took around 30 minutes. After replacing the touch panel, we tested the iPad before handing it back to the customer. Everything turns out well and the customer was happy with his new touch panel. He also joined our luch draw which we are giving away a Apple Watch Series 3 and other prizes worth up to RM 2000.

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