LCD display glitching at iPad Mini

It is no doubt that everybody who owns gadget these days will drop their phone. for iPad, it is very risky if you drop it as the the surface area is bigger than smartphones which will brings even more damage on either the screen or LCD. Apple iPad Mini 1 consists of LCD and Touch Screen Panel. It attach to the frame of the ipad with two different parts that gives different functionalities. To replace the Touch Screen Panel is quite cheaper than the LCD screen. However, for LCD screen replacement is pricier than the Touch Screen Panel.

For today, our customer bring his iPad and showed to us that the LCD screen of the iPad Mini went glitching. We told him this will be the issue with the LCD screen and it had to be replaced for it to be able to used again.

We told our customer that for the iPad LCD replacement, it will took 1 to 2 days as the part had to be ordered first and the replacement wil took 3 – 4 hours. We told him once it is finished we will call him.

He agreed with it and decided to came the next day.,After the replacement, our technician did a further checking to ensure that there were no other problems with the LCD screen. It turned out to be really great and the LCD display showed no sign of faulty or damage.

We called him that his ipad was ready to be collected. He came to our shop again and then was impressed with how our technician managed to keep it tidy and great work of replacement. He thanked us for this amazing work and hoping that we will strive to keep this momentum of giving customers great services.


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