iPhone 11 Data Restoration At iPro Ampang

iPhone contacts, data or anything relevant to it can be transferred from iPhone to another iPhone through iTunes. This backup can be done through iTunes, 3u Tools or other similar app that can be found in the market. Most of these applications are free and easily be used. When you are backing up your iPhone 5 to the new iPhone 7, everthing can be transferred exactly according to the old iPhone. All photos, data and even applications will be the same.

A customer came to our shop with her iPhone 11. She just bought her iPhone at an authrosied Apple center. It was still in a the wrapping and she brought the box too. She did not know the steps to transfer the data from her old iPhone 5s to her brand new iPhone 11. She came to us because she has came to our shop before. Our technician plugged in her old iPhone 5s and backep up her data to iTunes. The data restoration process took around 40 minutes because the data need to be transferred completely. She was really glad that she came to use because she knew our service is always reliable.

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