iPhone 5 Battery Expand Repair At iPro Ampang

iPhone batteries is one of the easiest to bloat in the industry right now. It may be because of the small battery capacity. The battery capacity cannot hold a lot of charges. Thus this forces the user to charge occasionally. iPhone user charges their iPhone more than once a day.

Not only the battery does not last long, but it also will lead the battery to be bloated. Although Apple has not given out any statement declaring their battery has any damage but the result is clear as water. It is advisable for iPhone user to not overcharge their battery.

Mr Hanif came to our shop with his iPhone5. The iPhone’s battery was severely bloated. The technician carefully handled his iPhone to make sure other parts are not damaged while inspecting it’s condition. We suggested to him to replace the battery and he agreed to it. His iPhone was back to normal after replacing the battery. He was relieved and happy with our quick service.

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