iPhone 5 Cannot On

Our phone are consisted of a lot of things. It is consisted of screen, battery, speaker, wifi antenna, buttons and other things. In short our phone is a complicated circuit. Our phone depends on each of its part to work without any problem. In some cases, when a part of the phone has problem then the phone will have problem too. This does not happen often but it does happen sometimes.

If the screen has problems then we replace the screen, if the battery has problem then we replace the battery and it goes on.

Miss Jasyima joining our annual lucky draw contest

Our customer today came with her phone that cannot be turned on. Our technician inspected the phone for any motherboard shorting and there was no shorting detected. Our technician then found out that the battery was completely dead. We suggested to our customer to change the battery and get a 1 year warranty for the battery. After changing the battery, the phone was able to be turn on again. She was happy with our quick service because the battery was replaced within 20 minutes. Later she joined our lucky draw contest which has Apple Watch Series 2 as the main prize and other prizes worth up to RM 500.

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