iPhone 5 LCD Black Repair at iPro Ampang

The phone screen does not only can be cracked easily but it also be damaged and turn to blank. Sometimes when the phone is dropped into water or the flour, it can be malfunctioning and become blank. The phone is going to work just fine like it will give vibration feedback and ringtone sounds but just the screen will be blank. It can be hard detect sometimes when the battery is dead. Because the phone is blank because there is no battery and there will be no display when it is charging. If you bring your phone to our shop, we can detect the problem easily because we have battery voltmeter for phone. The voltmeter would indicate if there is any charge going into the phone when charging.

Miss Yasmin were happy that her phone is able to function back to it’s glorious day

Miss Yasmin came to our shop with her iPhone that cannot be turn on. She said there is sound coming out of the phone but there is no display on the screen. Our technician inspected the phone and found out it was just the screen that was gone blank. We suggested to her to replace the screen. After changing the LCD, the phone is perfectly fine. There were no any further problem found during the testing phase. She was very happy with our inspection and quick replacement service. She joined our annual lucky draw contest which has an Apple Watch Series 2 as the main prize and other prizes worth up to RM 500.

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