iPhone 5s Battery Replacement At iPro Ampang

Battery health will be reduced over time. The older the phone, the worst the battery will be. A phone battery can be used to it’s maximum capacity within the first year of usage. After that, the user can feel the difference in the battery usage. Although there is a lot of ways to take care of your battery, but it is inevitable that the battery health will get worst over time.

Ms Qwah came to our shop with her iPhone 5s stating that her battery is weak. Our technician inspected her iPhone and found out that her battery was never changed even once. It’s a good old battery. We replaced her battery as per her request. The battery replacement took around 15 minutes and after that, her iPhone is good as new. The battery also comes with 1 year warranty. She also joined our Year End Sale lucky draw contest. She stands a chance to win a Apple Watch Series 3 and other prizes worth up to RM 2000.

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