iPhone 5s Battery Swollen Repair At iPro Ampang

The battery bulging will force the screen assembly out of the frame, and could end up in permanent damage to the LCD. But worse than that, the battery can bulge to the point that it eventually explodes, or in rare cases, catches on fire.

Ms Didi came to our shop with her iPhone 5s feeling worried that her iPhone might explode. The screen was pushed outward a bit by the battery from our first view. Our technician immediately inspected her iPhone and found out her battery has swollen. She asked us to replace the battery immediately and we proceeded as her request. We were worried that the screen might be damaged because it was pushed outward by the battery, but luckily the screen was fine. The battery comes with a 1 year warranty and free replacement if the battery has any problems. She was happy with our quick service and her new battery. She also joined our lucky draw contest and stand a chance to win a Apple Watch Series 3 and other prizes worth up to RM 2000.

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