iPhone 6 Battery Fast Drain Repair At iPro Ampang

What is U2 ic in iPhone ?

One issue we come into contact with a LOT is a damaged U2 ic chip on Apple iPhones. A U2 ic chip is a small part of your iPhones’ board. This little guy is in charge (geddit?) of the power and battery usage of the iPhone and how your phone ‘understands’ when it’s plugged in and how much battery is left.

Mr Syahril came to our shop with his iPhone that is constantly draining on him. He said that he has been using his iPhone for more than 2 years. Even without diagnosing his iPhone we can already tell that his battery life is bad. The longer we use our phone, the battery health will get worst over time. He also states that he notice he charge his iPhone for a longer time than he normally does. It takes long time to charge his iPhone, but the battery drains quickly. We were worried that it might be a motherboard issue which is related to U2 ic. The U2 ic has full control over the power input from the charger. We replaced his battery within 20 minutes and he was really glad to know that his iPhone didn’t have motherboard issue. He also joins our lucky draw contest and stand a chance to win an Apple Watch Series 3 and other prizes worth up to RM 2000.

ipro repair iphone pantas ampang

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