iPhone 6 Bloated Battery Repair in iPro Ampang

Batteries can easily be bloated if it is not properly taken care of. A phone battery need to be taken care by not overcharging it. Charging it overnight can be one of the cause too. Try using a cable that will automatically cut off the power when the phone is fully chared. There are a lot of this kind of special cable in the market. We at iPro Ampang sell McDodo cable which is a cable that will cut the power to the phone when it is fully charged. We strongly recommend to our customer who charges overnight to buy this cable. A few extra ringgits to spend on a cable is way better than changing the battery on occasion.

A customer came to our shop with his bloated iPhone 6. Our technician inspected the phone and suspected there was an motherboard issue at first. After a thorough inspection, we found out it was just the battery that needed to be replaced. Luckily the battery was the one that was damaged because repairing a motherboard would take 2 – 3 days and would be a bit more expensive. Our customer was satisfied with our fast service and joined our annual lucky draw. The main prize for this annual lucky draw is an Apple Watch Series 2 and other prizes worth up to RM 500. May the luck be with you and thank you from us at iPro Ampang for choosing us to repair your phones.

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