iPhone 6 Charging Port Problem Repair At iPro Ampang

Mr Mutallib came to our shop with his iPhone 6 that cannot be charged. He told us that problem start occuring on the morning came to our shop. Our technician inspected his iPhone and found out it was not the chargin port problem. After a through inspection we found out it was a motherboard issue. He asked us to try replacing the chargin port and we did as his request. The charging port still cannot be used even after replacing the charging port. We needed 2 – 3 days to repair his motherboard to replace the chargin IC. The charging IC is a small chip on the motherboard that needed to be replaced. He to our shop after 2 days and were relieved that his iPhone is back to normal. The chargin input was back to 1 Ampere which is normal. He later joined our lucky draw contest. We are having a Year End Sale lucky draw contest and there a lot of prizes to be won. The grand prize is a Apple Watch Series 3 and other prizes worth up to RM 2000.

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