For today’s repairing post I would like to share about one of our regular customers named Yuna Chanderan who did a screen replacement for her iPhone 6 at IPRO Ampang. The story goes as follows.


Miss Yuna, after getting her iPhone 6 cracked screen replaced!


Miss Yuna, for short, came to IPRO Ampang on one evening and she was served by one of the technicians on duty named Mahzuz. She sat right in front of Mahzuz and showed her iPhone 6 with a cracked screen. She giggled as she handed her phone to Mahzuz’s as this was her third time replacing it here.


Jokingly she said that she was very bad at taking care of her phone and would rather use a public phone instead which is pretty much easier she thought. Miss Yuna explained to Mahzuz how she had her phone screen cracked. So it was a few days ago when she was out, and while she was using her phone, she accidentally dropped it as the phone slipped from her hand and fell hard on the side of the road. She then quickly bent over and took her phone, muttering to herself as soon as she noticed the cracked screen.


Soon after she realized the cracked screen she urgently pushed the power button to see if the screen still worked and it did. A sigh too can be heard as Miss Yuna found out that her Touch ID, which is the use of fingerprint to unlock the phone feature was no longer working. Aware of the problems, Mahzuz gave a quick look at the cracked screen then plugged in the phone to check the reading of the current flow into the device.


This is to confirm that the charging reading is normal. In some cases, the impact of the drop could also cause a serious damage to the motherboard of the phone. So, by checking the reading of the charging you could tell, not accurately but it would do. Confirmed that the charging reading was normal, Mahzuz began by switching off the phone before the disassembly process could be done, by removing two screws located at the bottom of the phone. The lifting process of the LCD needs to be done carefully to avoid the shattered glass from penetrating the skin during repairing.


After successfully lifted the LCD from the back shell of the iPhone of Miss Yuna’s, Mahzuz removed the screws and steel plate that were securing the battery and LCD connection to the motherboard; the flex cable of the battery needed to be disconnected first before the other. After removing the screws and plates, the separation of the LCD from the back shell could be achieved. A new LCD was tested before permanently installed to the phone.


The testing that was done including the touch sensitivity of the screen as well as the display of the new LCD. The LCD replacement took approximately half an hour as this process requires transferring the old parts from the old LCD such as the ear speaker, home button, shield plate and also front camera and sensor flex cables. Half an hour went by and the new LCD was perfectly installed to Miss Yuna’s iPhone 6. Mahzuz did a testing for a second time to ensure that all parts were working satisfyingly. He found out that the Touch ID still could not work.


Aware of the existing problem he then disassembled the iPhone to replace the shield plate of the LCD. The reason behind this action was because, on the shield plate itself, it has a connection that needs to be clipped with the Home button ribbon, so a faulty shield plate could be the cause of this problem to occur.


Right after the assembly process, Mahzuz checked the Touch ID feature and it was finally working! After handed the phone back to Miss Yuna, she was satisfied that her phone now was good as new and the touch ID was fixed! She thanked Mahzuz before she did the payment and walked out.


Thank you, Miss Yuna, for your time and for choosing us as your mobile phone repairing service center!


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