iPhone 6 Home Button Not Function Repair At iPro Ampang

iPhone models starting from iPhone 5s has an fingerprint sensor. These fingerprint sensor need to be taken care with extra caution. The sensor is so sensitive that it will not detect correctly if we even move the fingerprint for a moment while scanning. There has been more improvement by Apple on each year of their latest flagship being launched. ALthough the improvement is not significant, but all the users are happy with it actually.

Changing the home button WILL NOT make the fingerprint sensor work again. Each home button is equipped with an special chip that can only be detected by a specific motherboard. The chip’s code cannot be copied thus changing the home button will remove this ability.

Mr Bazli came to our shop with his iPhone 6 that has an broken home button. We informed him about the fingerprint issue to him before proceeding with replacing the home button. After replacing the home button, the home button works just fine without the fingerprint sensor functioning. After that, he joined our lucky draw contest. We are giving away an Apple Watch Series 2 and other prizes worth up to RM 500.

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