iPhone 6 Plus Cannot On Repair at iPro Ampang

Battery is the power supply for our phones. A faulty or damaged battery can damage the whole phone. In short, we need to take care of the battery. The easiest way to check up on our battery is to check the battery health once in a while. Though sometimes it shows through other symptoms like shut down on its own, getting hot on occasion and others. Take care of your battery and there should not be any problems to the phone.

Shorting or dropping your phone into water can cause the phone to have problems too. But it is hard to detect the problem without proper equipment and methods. We at iPro Ampang have all the equipment needed to check a phone condition. We also have skillful technician that can check your phone.

Mr Irfan was happy with his iPhone repaired back to it glory state

Mr Irfan Adly came to our shop with his iPhone 6 Plus that cannot be turned on. Our technician asked if the phone has any of the symptoms that was mentioned above while inspecting his iPhone. He said the phone just suddenly shut down and no symptoms was shown before. We found out that the battery had problem and it cannot hold any charge anymore. There was no current going through the battery. We replaced the battery with our new battery and it turned like normal. We suggested to him to replace the battery and he agreed with it. He was happy to have his iPhone back at it normal state which is turned on with no problem. He then joined our annual lucky draw and stand a chance to win an Apple Watch Series 2. We also have other prizes worth up to RM 500.

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