iPhone 6 Plus Rear Camera Shaky Replacement

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iPhone camera shaking when taking a picture

iPhone cameras or any phone cameras are a sensitive part of the phone. It can be said as it is the most important part of the phone because normally people use it to take pictures. People now days choose to buy iPhones mainly because of the cameras. iPhone cameras can take spectacular photos because of it’s great sensor. But the thing most of people do not know is the camera is sensitive of it sensor. The iPhone’s camera sensor can be easily broken just by dropping the iPhone but a normal drop won’t break the camera. Dropping the phone constantly throughout everyday usage can break the camera thus making the photos look blurry or shaky.

The fix is simple, the camera need to be replaced. We at iPro Ampang do not provide the service to change the sensor but we can change the whole camera in a matter of few minutes. As usual, we will check the phone for any problems before replacing the camera. We at iPro Ampang will check the phone for any problems and will suggest for any repairs if any problems are found with the phone. We provide 3 month warranty for the camera and the camera can be replaced for free and no labour fee will be charged.

Mr Azhar posing for a picture after changing his iPhone’s rear camera

Mr Mohd Izhar came to us and told us to unplug and plug the camera back the camera because the photos taken by his iPhone are shaky. We did what he asked us to do and told him that the camera is broken and need to be replaced. We always provide a quick service to all our customers as the camera replacement only took 20 minutes. He was happy with our fast service and joined our lucky draw. Our lucky draw has a main prize of Apple Watch Series 2 and other prizes up to RM 200.


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