Our customer came to our shop and told us that he wanted to replaced the battery of his iPhone 6S. He showed to us the screen of the iPhone 6S popped up from the frame due to the bloated battery. For your information, bloated battery is caused by a chemical reaction inside the battery that produce gas. The reason why it is bloated because the user always overcharge their phone. It is highly recommended to not overcharge your phone as it does not just make your battery bloated. It also makes your battery to drain quicker. Our technician proceed to replaced the bloated battery with the Original Battery that comes with a one year of warranty. After the replacement, our technician tested the phone to make sure that the battery worked great. We gave the phone back to the customer and he was glad to had his phone’s battery replaced. We would like to say thank you to all of our customers for putting the trust with our services and replacement.

ipro repair iphone pantas ampang

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