iPhone 6s Cannot Charge Repair At iPro Ampang

A lot of phone now days have a wireless charging feature. This feature allows user to charge their phone without using any cable. User need to bear in mind that wireless charging does not support fast charging yet. Phones that does not have wireless charging enabled, it have a charging port. This charging port will transfer the power received from charging cable to the motherboard.

Why sometimes I cannot charge my phone ?

This is because there is some dust in the charging port. This dust will block the charge sometimes. This dust can easily be removed by plucking it out.

Our customer came to out shop with his iPhone 6s that cannot be charged. Our technician always check if there is any dust in the charging port for this kind of problem. The charging port was cleaned and the problem still persist. Our technician did some further checking and found out the charging port is not functioning. The customer decided to change the charging port. The replacement took around 20 minutes and he was happy with our quick service. He later joined our lucky draw contest and stand a chance to win an Apple Watch Series 2.

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