iPhone 6S Change Housing At iPro Ampang

iPhone housing can easily be dented or has any visible scratch marks. Thus this forces any iPhone user to use a casing to protect the housing. It is not compulsory to use a big bulk casing but is it advised to use a casing that has air pocket at the edge of the casing. This type of casing can absorb impact even better.

A customer came to our shop with a lot of dents on his iPhone. He asked us to replace the housing. We told him that his iPhone is still working eventhough there are some minor dent and some mild scrathes. We asked him that why would he bother to change the housing. He said that he just cannot look at his iPhone because it has a lot of dents and scratches. He also added that the iPhone resell value will become higher after changing the housing. Our technician agreed to his demand and replaced the housing. After changing the housing, the customer was so happy to see his iPhone back as new because there are no dents or scratches. The iPhone is now purely clean.

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