iPhone 6s Plus Earphone Jack Problem Repair At iPro Ampang

How to Fix Problems With Your iPhone Headphone Jack

1. First, Try Other Headphones.
2. Clean the Headphone Jack.
3. Restart Your iPhone.
4. Check Your AirPlay Output.
5. Check Bluetooth Output.

If all the above does not work, you might need to consider replacing the headphone jack.

Mr Nordizaidi came to our shop with his iPhone 6s Plus that is stuck in earphone mode. The problem started since he dropped his phone into water. He cannot make any calls because all the call are redirected into earphone mode. He said that he was really frustrated with this problem and he just could not stand it anymore. Our technician inspected his iPhone and tried to clean the headphone jack’s connector. Unfortunately, the problem still persist. We suggested to him to replace the headphone jack plugin. He agreed to it and we proceeded with replacing his headphone jack. The replacement took around 15 minutes and the problem was fixed. We tested his headphone jack several times to make sure that it is not a defect parts. Everything was fine and he was glad to use his iPhone with no problem. He also joined our lucky draw contest and stand a chance to win an Apple Watch Series 3. We are also giving away other prizes worth up to RM 2000 through Year End Sale lucky draw contest.

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