iPhone 6s Plus water damage repair in iPro Ampang

Water damaged phone can damage the phone’s motherboard or other parts. If the problem source is related to motherboard, it is going to be tricky. The motherboard need to be checked throughly and need to be checked in a bery detailed manner. We need to find the real source of the problem and eliminate all other possibilities.

If the water does not damage the phone’s motherboard and only damages the phone’s other parts. Then this is going to be a simple fix at our shop. We will check throughly before changing the parts. After replacing the part, we will check for shorting just in case of worst case measure the phone still has problems.

How water damages your phone in brief..

A water damage can short a motherboard and damage other parts of the phone. When the water goes in our phone,the water will go between the connectors. The connectors are the one responsible connecting our phone parts such as LCD with the motherboard. If the water goes between the connectors, then there will be shorting. If the shorting only damages the part, then our technician just changes the part. But if the shorting is related to motherboard, we need to check the motherboard throughly.

Miss Anis Syafiqah with her iPhone 6s Plus that has been damaged by water

Miss Anis Syafiqah came to us with her phone iPhone 6s Plus that has been dropped in water. She just said she need it to be fix, so our technician explained to her what has happenned to the phone and what needed to be done before repairing the phone. After checking throughly, our technicians have concluded that the phone was okay and does not have any motherboard shorting. Miss Anis just need to change the LCD because the LCD was damaged. After changing the LCD, she was very happy with our quick service. We took roughly around 1 hour to change the LCD because we needed to check the phone’s motherboard first.

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