iPhone 6s Touch Problem Repair At iPro Ampang

A phone screen has 2 main function which is to detect touch and display the phone’s content. A cracked screen can disrupt the screen ‘s ability to detect touch. The screen also might detect touch on it’s own because it is malfunctioning. The glass can be changed but it does not guarantee the touch problem can be fixed. A phone that has touch problem can lead to the same problem even after replacing the glass. We do not recommend to change the glass if the phone has touch problem. But it is a different case if the screen is totally fine except it has been cracked. For this case, there should be no issue to change the glass.

Ms Apandi came to our shop with her iPhone 6s that has touch problem. Our technician inspected her iPhone and advised her to change the whole screen. Although it might be fixed just by changing the glass, but we do not want to take the risk. After completing her screen replacement, the phone was totaly fine. On some rare cases, the screen still exhibit the same problem. This can be caused by the motherboard. Motherboard that has issues sometimes does not need to replace the screen. Everything depends on the phone condition too. Our technician need to inspect and run tests before finding out the problem.

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