iPhone 7 shows LCD Screen issue and Battery Health in low percentage

Battery is an electrochemical cells that can be used power up electronic devices. It has  There are two types of battery which we used today in our daily lives such as Rechargeable Battery and Non – Rechargeable Battery. Our smartphone use Rechargeable Battery and it has a life span between 2 – 3 years which bring us for today, our customer came to our shop and told us the battery of his iPhone 7 started to drained really fast.


iPhone 7 after LCD screen replacement


Our technician did a further inspection and managed to found out the Battery Health had the maximum capacity of 63%. It is recommended for iPhone users to change the battery when the maximum capacity of Battery Health is below than 80%. The LCD screen also had an issue as was stated by our customer and observed by the technician. He decided to replaced both screen and battery for his phone.

After the replacement, the condition of the battery and the lcd screen was checked to make sure that there will be no issue with these parts before giving back to the customer. As our customer got back his phone, he was really satisfied to received the phone back.


ipro repair iphone pantas ampang

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