iPhone 7 Plus Replace Battery YooBao at iPro Ampang

Why settle for less when you can settle for more ? This is the first question we ask to our customer when they are planning to change the battery. Of course with a new battery, you will get full battery health and zero charging cycle. Actually, you can also increase the battery capacity. YooBao battery is a new brand in the market that has an upgraded battery capacity. YooBao’s battery has 20 % more battery capacity compared to normal Apple’s battery.

This means, a bigger battery capacity, a longer usage time and you don’t have to charge the phone frequently. Of course the price is a bit more expensive compared to the original battery. But with this battery, you get an longer lasting battery. YooBao battery comes with 18 months of warranty. You can come and replace the battery if it has any problem within one and a half year. Furthermore, all of our customer has given positive feedback after using this battery.

Mr Achik came to our shop because of his battery was draining too quickly. We suggested to him to replace the battery with a YooBao battery. He was surprised to hear about an upgraded capacity battery for an iPhone. This was his first time hearing about it. He was so happy after replacing the battery and joined our annual lucky draw contest. We have a grand prize of Apple Watch Series 2 and other prizes worth up to RM 500.

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