iPhone 8 Plus Auto Restart Repair at iPro Ampang

A phone is consisted of a lot components including the motherboard. Each component is very important to make the phone work in a good condition. One faulty component can make the phone work improperly. The phone might lead to auto shutdown or always restart. All of this problem actually shows the sign of a specific faulty component. This is kind of like an indicator for the user to repair the phone. This problem also helps our technician to detect the faulty component faster and make the inspection more accurate.

Mr Azam was happy with his iPhone 8 Plus been repaired in a short time span

Mr Azam came to our shop with his iPhone 8 Plus that restarts on its own. He tried to reset the iPhone using iTunes but the problem still persist. Our technician inspected his iPhone and found out the battery was malfunctioning. The battery was not suppose to signal it was empty when it was actually was not. We replaced the battery within 20 minutes and he was happy with our service. He then joined our annual lucky draw that has a grand prize of Apple Watch Series 2. We also have other prizes worth up to Rm 500.

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