iPhone 8 Plus Motherboard Repair In Kuala Lumpur

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Ms Doughal came to our shop with her iPhone 8 Plus that cannot be turned on. She managed to book an appointment slot with our technician and she told us regarding her problem through Whatsapp application. She told us that she does not know why her iPhone is not turning on impromptu and she needs it to be repaired quick.

Our technician inspected her iPhone hardware and did not find anything that indicating problem. After the inspection we can confirm that her iPhone problem is related with motherboard. We told her that any repairs regarding motherboard requires at least 2 days to be completed. She agreed to it because she knows that any attempt on repairing the motherboard is risky and takes time. She left her iPhone with us for 3 days and our technician used all of the precious time to fix her iPhone. The problem was that her motherboard had minor shorting on the capacitor IC. The IC replacement is the most risky part of the repair and yet everything went smoothly. We check her iPhone thoroughly for any problems after completing the repairs.

She came to our shop to collect the iPhone and thanked us endlessly for fixing her iPhone. We hope to provide better and more efficient service in the future. Please follow all of our social media platforms to get the latest discount and news.

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