iPhone 8 Plus Shorting Repair At iPro Ampang

iPhone motherboard are made up of a millions of small wires that connects each of it’s component. This small wires are interconnected to make the iPhone functional. This wires also can be short-circuited. It also known as shorting. Motherboard that are short circuited can be repaired depends on the damage severity.

Ms Aimi came to our shop with her iPhone 8 Plus that cannot be turned on. Our technician inspected her iPhone and found out it was not a part problem. It had motherboard issue. Our technician need more time to inspect the motherboard if it has motherboard issue. We need 2 – 4 days to inspect the motherboard carefully. Motherboards need to be inspected really throughly to eliminate the possibility of damaging it even more. We repaired her iPhone within 2 days and she collected her iPhone on the third day. She was really glad to know that we are able to repair her iPhone quickly as she needs to use her iPhone on daily basis.

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