Iphone 8 Plus YooBao Battery Replacement 18 Months Warranty At iPro Ampang

A customer came to our shop with her iPhone 8 plus that has a draining issue. Upon coming to our shop, she had contacted us through Whatsapp regarding her battery problem and managed to book an appointment with our technician. We introduced her to the new battery in the market which is YooBao battery. YooBao batteries has an upgraded battery capacity and yet it maintains the same physical size as the original battery. Before she agreed to replace her battery with a YooBao battery, she inquired us about the battery. Before replacing her battery, our technician inspected her iPhone in case there are problems with her iPhone. As she expected, there was no other problems with her iPhone. Our technician proceeded to replace the battery with an YooBao battery. Everything went smoothly during the battery replacement. She was so glad to see her battery life cycle back to 100% after replacing the battery. YooBao batteries also comes with 18 months of warranty and any problem can be directly dealt with us.

ipro repair iphone pantas ampang

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